I collect items, then decontextualize, reimagine and reconstruct them into figurative representations of the battered, the abused, mutilated, enslaved and burdened women of the global diaspora. These carefully placed items present unpredictable shapes and patterns that allude to the complexity of character, strength, and culture. The resulting sculptural figures pull us into their fictional realities with a high degree of naturalism and beauty.

My work represents a balm of honor, dignity, protection and spiritual uplifting. It is a ribbon that binds our wounded souls into one of conquering grace, beauty, and compassion. As the artist, I examine the different forms this balm takes, the thinking and history that lies behind it. I use found objects as the common denominators of our contemporary environment. Altering them is an embodiment of questioning and raising awareness of the current state of the long overdue homage to women of the global diaspora.